Novice User, Need Display Recommendation


Jan 13, 2012
Hey Tomshardware, not sure if I posted this in the right section as I could not find an applicable subcategory anywhere. With your assistance I've recently run through my first computer build, and I absolutely love my machine. I've spent around a grand on it thusfar and I've been able to play every game I have on Ultra ^_^. All that's left for me to get, aside from a secondary HDD, is my display. I currently have my rig hooked up to an LED backlit 42" LG TV in my living room, which is great, but I need to get a standalone display as well. I'm wanting to go no smaller than 23.6", but I don't know much of anything about screen technologies, aside from getting one that's LED backlit and has a resolution of 1080. There are options ranging from around $150 up to almost $300, and I really can't tell what the differences would be. I have no problem spending a lot on a display if the benefits are worth it, so I was hoping some of you with display knowledge might be able to help me narrow down my choice a bit.

I'm leaning towards , which is an ASUS 23.6" LED backlit display that's currently on sale at $159.99 for 2 more days as of me posting this, so time is somewhat of the essence. Is this screen not quite as high quality as I should be looking at? Or is it needlessly expensive? If anyone could help me understand the differences between screens I would be in your debt.

Thanks a ton, and thanks for all the help over the past couple of months. I did a lot of research and got some great recommendations from posters on this website, and I couldn't be happier with my new build :)

Thanks again,


That's a nice monitor, but if you want to get a real good quality monitor that will totally wow you with the colors, get a Dell UltraSharp IPS monitor.

Here is one for a great price, although smaller than what you wanted,,901pdb6671

And one for $300 in your size

When I went from a TN screen to a IPS one, it was like getting a new computer, everything I opened looked like I upped the settings a notch or 2 just by changing to a high-end monitor. I do have to say that the monitor I have was close to $600 so it may be a bit better than the ones I linked, but should be close in quality.