NTLDR Is Missing, fixing question


Dec 14, 2015
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Hey everyone,

A while ago I upgraded my gpu and decided to install my old gpu (gtx 970) into my wife's computer.

She had a small psu so I installed a bigger one as well. I unplugged her hdd to install the new psu, after reconnecting everything she was getting a "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key." error, I checked her BIOS and it seemed fine, her hdd is 1tb and it was showing that the 1st boot option was a 1tb hdd.

After being unable to fix that I went away for lunch and upon coming back the pc was turning on so I said w/e and forgot about it.

Since then we got her a new hdd with 4tb just for pictures, videos, games, etc. It has been months since then and today her computer gave her the same problem and upon restart it says "NTLDR is missing" and sometimes goes back to the boot error, sometimes the ntldr error. I checked Bios again and it shows still boot option #1 the 1tb hdd which has the os installed on.

Now this pc and mine for the matter were windows 8 and we upgraded for free to windows 10. I bought them from best buy as a starting base and went on modifying them as i saw fit. Idk why everyone always seems to have a windows installation cd that they receive with the pc, since I never out of 10 pcs I have bought in stores, ever got a windows cd install or anything of the sort.

Anyways, I have no windows 10 or 8 cd and I am not being able to fix this NTLDR error. So I am considering purchasing a new copy of windows 10 and a new SSD, I plan on disconnecting both of my wife's hdd the 1tb and the 4tb, install windows 10 in the new SSD. Once I can open windows, then reconnect both hdd to copy more pictures and stuff from the 1tb hdd to the 4tb hdd and then just do a wipe of the 1tb hdd. that way keeping the ssd as the os drive and the 4tb hdd as the one for games/stuff.

My question is, would this work? and do you have a better suggestion on what to do with this NTLDR is missing error? It is very important to my wife to not lose any picture/video/etc.

She has all of her family photos since her great great grandparents , maybe another great there idk, all the way to her now. She would die if she lost those photos.


Apr 17, 2006
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Obviously you'll get that PC working again with a fresh installation on a new SSD, regarding your data on that 1TB HDD however, hopefully is still intact but getting those errors are a signal of (usually) of a failing HDD. It could also be a simpler matter, a failing SATA cable, and a very small chance of a failing mobo.

I'd say take that 1TB HDD and put it in your pc, see if you can recover all the data and check that HDD status with some SMART reading software like AIDA64.