nV or ATI for Dual Display?


Apr 28, 2004
In the article/review "Dual Display Gaming Bigs Up"
it seems to show the nV FX cards are better preforming for Dual Monitor Gaming and ATI not having a horizontal span mode.
SO my question is running dual monitors (either 2 VGA or 1 DVI and 1 VGA) on a single nV (5900/5700) or ATI (9800/9600)
-> Is the nV card going to perform better all around (Gaming, Videoediting, multiple apps, and so on)?
Your thoughts ;)
Both cards do a good job, and its really about the bundled apps that are included from ATI/nV.

Use 3rd party apps and you do have spanning on ATIs.

Poor review actually. Very disappointed in Lars in that review. Matrox is the king of multi-monitor, period. And nV's performance is nothing to write anything good about, so I wouldn't use it as the basis for any purchase.

And surprisingly enough the nV setup at the CompuSmart near me is always showing crashed to desktop on their copy of FlightSim, so I'd say the spanning causes it's problems for nV too.

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Aug 2, 2002
And anyway, DUAL-DISPLAY in gaming is not a must have, there is not much games that use this feature. I you really want to play one game in dual display, make sure it support it the video cars you buy will support it too. For evryday use and multi-monitor desktop ATI and nVidia offers about the same features. nVidia have nView and ATI have Hydravision. These software manages multi-monitor in Windows.

If you don't play, Matrox offers the best multi-monitor support on the market and they offers better video signal quality.

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Jan 4, 2003
dual monitors is just for showing off = =

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