Question Nvdia driver crash to desktop

Oct 17, 2019
Hello, all help would be appreciated, please advice

My specs are:
I7 8700k(delid+watercool)
Asus rog STRIX z390 e(previously maximus hero x)
16gb ddr4 3000mhz
Zotac rtx 2080ti amp(watercool max temp 49c)
Thermaltake rgb 1200w(previously seasonic rm750)
Windows build 1903
Latest nvdia driver as of 17th Oct

So this a 2nd hand card I've been using this card for more than 3 weeks playing ffxv, payday2, sims, gtaV, monster hunter world. The first thing i did when i got this card was let it run furmark for 4 hours, everything was good, then i flash bios to a galax(150%power) and evga(130%power%), but decide to revert to zotac(115%power) original bios because i was getting lower fps..

Then i finally get bored of games that i have and decide to try the goody ray tracing, so i tried to play metro exodus, cant turn it on need to update windows, so i did, then i can run metro with occasional crash.. After that everything starts to crash, ffxv(on fast travel) and i cant even launch metro exodus

Things that I've done since then

  1. Reinstall windows(clean format and everything) x3 (tried build ver 1803, 1809, currently on 1902)
  2. reinatall driver(clean install dud, i tried most of the version that people said solve their problem)
3)reseat gpu
4) reapply thermal paste and thermal pad
5)use two different 8 pin connector
6)get a new psu
7)run memtest86(no error)
8) (cpu and gpu) underclock, overclock, run at stock
9)Nvdia debug mode
10)nvdia control panel (power option prefer to performancemode, etc)
11) reflash bios

Now i can play ffxv without crashing but most game will crash when there's loading or opening inventory..

I run furmark for 8hours without crashing but once i press Esc and return to desktop it crash

I don't mind not being able to play rtx on but i would really want my stability back

Fyi: Rma is a reallllllly difficult in my country except for big names like Asus Apple Lenovo etc, is it the final option?


Microsoft don't have 1902, they have a 1903 and soon we'll be upon 1909. Where are you located? Which version of the BIOS are you currently on? Did you source the OS installer from Microsoft's support site?
Oct 17, 2019
Sorry its a typo, im on build version 1903, motherboard with latest bios, and my 2080ti is running it's original bios

Sorry for the late reply