News Nvidia’s New Orin Nano Developer Kit: Like a Raspberry Pi for AI


At $499, it almost costs as much as a Pi, these days, if you can find one!
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Only 8 GB of RAM is a bit meager, for AI + a full operating system.

It's a bit surprising to hear OS performance didn't impress, but I'd hazard a guess that's largely due to the storage (microSD). If a half-decent NVMe drive had instead been used in the M.2 slot, I expect it'd make quite a big difference. The A78 cores should each be multiple times as fast as a Raspberry Pi's A72 cores.
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Mar 21, 2023
Are you allowed to remove the cooler and heatspreader to see how large the SoC is?
I doubt this is using the original Orin which is enormous at 455mm^2. With only a tiny fraction of the original's IOs, half the memory channels, half the CPU cores, half the GPU units at half the frequency and a quarter of the tensor cores, I doubt Nvidia is putting such a large chip in that just to cut over half its units.

My Switch 2 senses are tingling.
I think this might actually be already shipping the Switch 2's SoC. The Jetson Nano that it replaces used the same Tegra X1 that went into the Switch.
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Jan 30, 2017
Seeing the price of this kit is dashing my hopes for a new Shield with an Ampere gpu, tensor cores, and a big/little config that can access cores independently. No way we're getting that in the shield now unless they nerf the ampere gpu by half the cuda & tensor cores.
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