Question nvidia and intel graphic drivers are not installing


Nov 19, 2016
so I changed my H81M-C motherboard because it malfunctioned and i brought an msi h85m-ie35.

the monitor is connected to the gpu normal display but the pc is not recognizing both either the integrated gpu and or my graphics card.

Tried reinstalling both drivers after deleting them using ddu, updatedy bios with msi live
but still can't install the drivers, the nvidia driver installer always puts a "installation failed" message
note: they are both in unknown devices in device manager.

anything i can do?
thanks in advance

my specs:
-core i5 4460
-msi h85m-ie35
-asus gtx 1050ti oc edition
Your new motherboard should have come with some different chipset adapter drivers.
See if you can install them first.

All graphics adapters have a default low res mode that runs without any drivers.
I presume that is how you are able to get sufficient display to run DDU or whatever.
Sometimes reinstalling apps can be a real pain and sometimes impossible.
Only the op can determine that.
If updating the motherboard drivers works, then continuing with the old install is not all bad
If windows was working ok before .