News Nvidia CTO: Cryptocurrency Adds Nothing Useful to Society

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the elephant in the room is of course that gaming is 99,8% a equally useless waste of resources and a leadfoot to society at large. Yall should instead get a good night's sleep and tomorrow find a neighbor who needs a little help,

Hardly not only is that factually incorrect statistically speaking, that is an overly simplistic view of gaming and what it brings to the table for humans in society. Looking beyond the basics of stress relief, socialization (particularly vulnerable populations isolated geography or for 30% of the gaming population that are physically or mentally disabled like myself who can be stuck at home or the hospital for long durations of time...that stat alone blows you out of the water by a lot). Gaming also has excellent potential for increasing your reaction times, hand dexterity, uses in physical rehabilitation, flight/military training, teaching, learning etc. If anything we have only scratched the surface of what 'gaming' is capable of.


Oct 3, 2022
The Bear market is over for GPU makers.

It's only just beginning.

PC and server sales were in the gutter in 2022 and IDC says 2023 is projected to be worse.
PC sales might be even worse this year than first thought

PC sales for 2023 might be even worse than everyone initially believed, according to industry analysts at IDC.

The market researchers’ latest report now states that this year, there will be 403.1 million PC units shipped, down from the 429.5 million that the company forecast late last year - a decrease of 26 million, or 11.2% year-on-year.
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