Question Nvidia GeForce Now questions


Jan 20, 2018

I don´t know if I am in the correct section, if not apologizes. Yesterday I read for the first time about Nvidia GeForce Now and I have some questions.

To sum up: I have a gaming laptop MSI GE75 Raider 2020 with Windows 10 64 bits, I live in Slovakia, Europe, my internet speed is 500 mb downloads, 100 mb uploads (tested yesterday).

I am interested in playing Warhammer 2 and 3 Total War, although my computer is good but not enough for these games so I am interested in the Premium RTX 3080 option.

1. Do you need to install the games in your computer to play on GeForce Now? These games demand a lot of space, I have 500 GB SSD + 1 TB in HDD 5400 rpm, I would only have space in the HDD drive, currently around 800 GB free.

2. My internet connection is enough to play these 2 games?

3. I don´t have 4K, still I can play on 1920x1080? My monitor is 240 Hz
  1. you dont need to install them on your PC
  2. your internet bandwith is ok, but you will need to check latency to nvidia servers...below 40ms should be ok, i believe german servers are closest to slovakia then rest of nvidia eu servers (france, london, netherlands, bulgaria, sweden is rest)
  3. game settings are pretty much same as on normal PC? including video resolution
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