Question NVIDIA GRAPHICS Problem

Jun 14, 2021
Hello, I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER graphics card graphics settings on GTA...(some are my changes but same problems with defaults ) Video Memory 2459mb / 4095mb Ignore Suggested limits - off dIRECT X 11 Resolution 1600 x 1024 FXAA - off MSAA - OFF VSync - Half Advanced graphics... All Off Drivers for card updated "The best drivers are already installed" Playing GTAV + many other games e.g. Watchdogs2 getting strange flickering lines. Hard to explain but the lies ( diagonal + vertical ) are making it very hard to play the games. There are no lines on youtube video, google or anything else but games.I am attaching some examples from gta and watchdogs.. Any ideas what might be causing this? It does happen on all games from different factories - on some even the audio is missing when the characters speak - their lips move and the subtitles appear but no sound - yet music and sound effects are heard. This is noticeable on games from Steam and Epic.
Examples link....
Those lines are called 'artifacts' and are (usually) a sign of dying GPU. They don't appear in non-games usage because other applications are not stressing GPU enough to make them happen. The next stage might be GPU suddenly showing black screen or freezing the machine.
Things worth trying: reinstall GPU drivers; check it with other PSU (if you happen to have one or can borrow it). But the chances it will work are slim.