News Nvidia Reportedly Seeks Chinese Approval of Arm Acquisition

This is what I picture will happen in the future, much like with Intel: "oh, you want an ARM license? sure, but only if you don't license AMD's or Intel's graphics, interconnects and/or other IP we also have; if you do, you just need to play three times more".

I absolutely can see that happening here and it scares the hell out of me.

Then again, it may mean RISC-V could get more adoption? :p

Cheers! xD

Gomez Addams

Mar 4, 2020
"Arm pioneer Hermann Hauser has already said that technologies like NVLink used in the upcoming Grace CPU show that Nvidia won’t compete fairly with Arm licensees, ..."

That is a ridiculous statement. How many companies share all of their proprietary interconnection schemes? That does not show any unfairness of any sort. Not every company is going to share all of their IP and they should not be expected to. Nvidia is smart enough to know that closing off any part of ARM will hurt their business and they won't go there. I am certain they have their own plans on how to use ARM's capabilities and architecture but those plans will not make up for the potential loss of all external revenue from licenses (and cost of resulting lawsuits) so there is no reason to do that.