Question NZXt KRAKEN X52 rgb not working anymore

Dec 29, 2019
Hi all,

I have my new rig for around 4 weeks now, and so around yesterday while I was playing, I noticed that the RGB on my Kraken suddenly had stopped working. It is connected to its own USB header, so no daisy-chaining and stuff. When I looked in CAM, I still got all of the statistics (RPm, Temps) and whatnot, but when I select e.g. a different color is doesn't change. The RGB is now just off and this is what I've tried so far:
Switched USB header (it then worked for 2 minutes and then it stopped working again)
Plugged it into an external USB port (No RGB whatsoever)
Checked my other USB header (they all work perfectly)

Is this just a problem with my Kraken, because it did work for a little while when I switched USB headers
Any help would be appreciated!

ASUS x470-pro
Ryzen 7 2700x
G.Skill 3600 mhz 16GB
MSI ARMOR OC rtx 2060 Super
Hue 2 (plus 4 fans)
NZXT h510i