NZXT S340 Elite Review

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[quotemsg=19086132,0,2374265]Very similar to my phanteks enthoo pro m tempered. I'd say that the nzxt is optimal unless you need a optical drive like me.[/quotemsg]The thing I liked most about it was its traditional mid-tower size.


Jan 1, 2017
Not enough gamer aesthetic. Needs more sharp diagonal lines, battle damage, robo-panels, and a cool embossed word on the side like "BRUTAL". Try again NZXT.


Just about my perfect case!

For perfection I'd want a stealth but easily accessed optical drive and let those ports face the front.
With that glass I want it on the desk not underneath. How about a gimmick where they can be installed either direction (forward or up) ?
I really never liked having USB and other I/O ports mounted on the top of the case. Seems too easy for dust to settle down into them. Even if they have a hinged cover, most of the time they are left open, especially if you have a headset connected all the time. I personally prefer ports on the side or front. I suppose top-mounted ports make sense for a case that's going to be on the floor (or low in a desk), but this case seems more like one you put on your desk rather than the floor.


Apr 5, 2016
Very nice case!

I just got the Anidees AI Crystal case (which in my understanding is what Rosewill rebadged to make the Cullinan). I brought it to MAGFest and it got a lot of attention for how it looks. It has a lot of similarities to this case, but also has smoked glass on the other side and the front. EXTREMELY heavy lol... It also has room/vents for a 360 radiator up top and in front.

I'm extremely pleased with the aesthetics and workmanship, but the space for cables behind the motherboard is way too tight, that you almost feel like the glass will shatter.

If that's a problem for you, and you only have a small AIO liquid cooler then this NZXT case looks like a premium pick.
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