OEM disk from another computer.


Dec 1, 2009
So I'm waiting on the OEM disk from ZT systems. if you want to get an idea whats wrong go here Programs Not Responding well its going to be until Monday before this disk comes in, but I was wondering if it would hurt to give the disk that goes to the other ZT computer a try. the only thing Im worried about is.

1. will it mess up his computer ( i dont think so becsause im going to try it with my key)

2. will it not work with my key. ( most likely not Im guessing)

3. and would it be worth trying. ( if it did work in theory i would be able to have a 64 bit OS, and i would also know if the OS problems I'm having are hardware or software.)

I'm mostly board out of my mind right now, but I would like to get an 2nd opinion before I do something stupid. I guess i could go read a book or something.