[SOLVED] Old integrated gpu software along with new external gpu settings

Sep 10, 2019
Hello comunity!!

I have a question, I have a beautifull AMD 5 3400g, wich have an integrated gpu. It works wonders, but now I have installed an external gpu a Nvidia gtx970 wich performs wonders too.

But now I see that both the Nvidia settings and Radeon configuration tool, both load at startup, BUT Radeon Configuration tool wont open, just double click and nothing happens.

I get that Im not using the AMD integrated graphics, but I cant seem to find a way to uninstall it, in control panel I have only the AMD drivers, wich I think (in my lack of knowledge) are for both cpu and gpu.

What should I do? uninstall those drivers and reinstall the cpu drivers?

(do I need cpu drivers?)

Thankyou for your answers!!!