Question Old Pc - Ram 3 beeps - sometimes boots or don’t


Jan 8, 2018
I will try to give as much information as posible.
This is my system now:
Asrock Z68 pro3 m
i5 2500k @ 4Ghz
16Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600
RX580 OC 8gb
Antec truepower 600 watts
coolermaster Hyper 212

I bought the system with 4gbx2 patriot sector5 kit that started to give me the 3 beeps after 2 years of good service.
Same behavior, sometimes it booted and sometimes don’t.
I isolated the problem to one stick, the other one booted every time without problems.
By this time the pc was stock, no OC at all.

Bought the new kit listed above, installed and everything was perfect. This time I OC the cpu and used the xmp profile from bios, light OC.
After 6 months of use, again the 3 beeps and the same behavior, sometimes boots, sometimes it won’t boot in days.

I went back to my old kit, and tried the good stick, but gives me 3 beeps, sometimes 4 beeps. I manage to boot it just once with the old ram.
Went back to the new kit, and tried one stick by one, same story.
Today is one of those days that this thing just won’t boot.

When the pc finally boots, works great, no freeze, error, nothing, even if playing the new games out. I have it powered on for weeks and works great.

I really don’t want to buy another Pc,
how can I be sure if I just need a new ram or a new mobo?

Edit: forgot to mention that since it has this problem, clocks are stock now, no OC, but problem persist. Now sometimes gives me 4 beeps, totally random.
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1) Update the chipset from intel, when you check the " readme" you can see it does support your 6 series chipset family.

2) May consider to no oc to see you can run the PC stable.

3) Check the BIOS to see what MB has. The newer one is 2.30, or you may try the beta version . Pro3-M/index.asp#BIOS

4) Can test the RAM with Memtest86
But keep in mind, if you don't do it right when you update the BIOS, you may brick the MB.

And if you want you can buy the used Z77 or Z68 for your i5 2500K, if you want to oc.