Old XP died, how to access My Documents and data from legacy HDDs?


Jan 1, 2012
I am asking this, as I don't know if it will be an issue or not. Old OS drive went out due to storm and power issues. Cannot boot or reinstall off that drive. Suspect data drives are ok (separate, physical drives). Old PC was XP. New system is Windows 7. Lots of photos, etc. on old data drive would like access to, including things like Favorites. Can I, how, and what challenges will have once new PC is setup plugging in and accessing old data on that system. Majority will be in My Settings under an account in XP, and uncertain if I will have access issues or if it will be visible, etc. Have never had to deal with this before, so ignorant and not sure how to google to get answer. Most questions around this topic are people trying to migrate their OS to a new system as is with HDD, and I am not asking that. Old drive is SATA and don't see a hardware issue at all. . .just data access I am concerned about. Thanks in advance.


You should be able to hook up the drive internally in your new computer and explore it for the data. Unless you encrypted or protected the data on your XP system you should be able to see it. Only way to find out is try it out.