Review Oloy WarHawk DDR4-3200 Review: RGB Value At 32GB?


Dec 31, 2007
Time to do a full review on the MSI unify, a board for serious enthusiasts that don't want their builds to look like unicorn puke.

Also, would love to see a more in depth analysis of different configs of memory. We all know Ryzen benefits as much if not more from memory and Infinity fabric overclocking. Yes Tom's has had several articles on the matter, but currently we have to scramble all over the place gathering bits and pieces of info from several different articles. A well received article would be a comprehensive article covering everything, maybe even one such article for each platform.

For instance, on the same test bench, which configures better, and does it matter between motherboards:

16 gig (2x 8 gb single rank)
32 gig (2x 16 gb double rank)
32 gig (4x 8 gb single rank)

Which motherboard have daisy chain slots and which have T-topology, and how does the above effect 4 stick configs?

Which boards/bios's are the easiest to tune memory timings (hint MSI)
How to use the Ryzen Dram calculator
How to capture your Drams SPD data

etc etc

make it happen Tom's


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is this kit single or dual rank? ( i got the 32gb 3600 CL 18 owl kit and they are single rank) thanks great reviews!
The kit we tested had dual-rank DIMMs, eight 1GB (8Gb) ICs per side. I'm not surprised if they updated the memory when higher-density ICs became common enough to come down in price, but unfortunately that means you can't accurately compare the capabilities of the year-old stuff to the new ones.
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