Question Omen PC won't get out of weird "stand by" limbo


Jul 8, 2014

My PC, which I bought preassembled 2 years ago and hasn't had any issues so far, had a problem today.

When I turned it on, I got a message from HP (it's an Omen) which read something along the lines "fans not working properly, HP doesn't recommend to start, pc will turn off in 15 seconds." So maybe a cooling issue?

I left the room for 2 minutes while it supposedly turned off by itself. When I came back, the PC was still on but the display was off. Now I can't get the display to work at all. I tried to just turn it off with the power button (clicking or holding it in) and nothing. So I finally unplugged the PC from the power.

Now the weirdest part is that the moment I plugged it in again, it turned on immediately by itself, back into that same state.

Any ideas of what could be plaguing it?

Feel free to move the thread, wasn't sure where to post it.

Thanks in advance.


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Include PSU: make, model, wattage, age, condition (original to build, newer, refurbished, used)?

Disk drive(s): make, model, capacity, how full? Indicate which drive is the boot drive.
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Pull the side panel off and power the unit up to see if your case and particularly CPU cooler fan is spinning. Make sure there isn't any dust or debris keeping them from moving.

Most PC will tell you on POST if there is an undetected or problematic fan because (for instance) if it's the CPU fan, running without it can cause damage very quickly. Most likely that the system isn't passing POST and is not booting as a self protection measure.
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