Question OneDrive in File Explorer: Change View setting for all folders ?

Dec 11, 2022
Changing the View settings for all folders in File Explorer is easy: it's right there in Folder Options. Just click the 'Apply to Folders' button and done.

Problem is, work has set up a shared drive for us using OneDrive which we can browse using File Explorer, and the button doesn't work for that.

As I delve into folder after folder in the linked Onedrive folder, all I can do is change the View Settings for each folder, one by one by one. It's taking forever considering just how many folders and subfolders there are.

Is there any way to use File Explorer to change ALL the view settings in my OneDrive folder?

Here is a sceencap I grabbed from google:

It looks exactly the same as my File Explorer, so it's good enough. It shows the default view setting, which I change easily enough... but having to do it a hundred times is frustrating. But the View/Apply to Folders button only works on my PC's actual folders, not the linked OneDrive folder. Is such a thing possible? You'd think it would be!