[SOLVED] OneDrive INSANITY... pls help.


Dec 30, 2013
Hi all. I HATE Onedrive. Why? Because I want it to QUIT MOVING MY FILES TO THE CLOUD.

How do I stop this microsoft virus from stealing my files and moving them to the cloud? Anything that ends up in my Documents folder... gets moved to the cloud, and I need that to STOP.

HOWEVER... I DO want it to CONTINUE to COPY only the files/directories that I happen to value so that there is a safe backup... not the gigs and gigs and gigs of crap that I don't care about, and don't want on the cloud. I want them local only.

Either I am missing something, or this is the most evil software in windows 10. Sorry for the rant. I've been working on this for MONTHS...

Why is it so hard to make cloud storage work only for specific directories? It's insane. And OneDrive will NOT let me NOT backup the ENTIRE documents directory... it claims it's "special".

Please help.