Online storage/backup-avoid encryption problems?


Jul 20, 2009
Hello again all.

I am finally getting around to the matter of improving my security regime by the addition of online storage & backup.

My needs are small ie. a zip folder totalling a little under 5GB. I do not have many files that require encryption, but I think that it might be a good idea to encrypt them as a security measure.I have looked & undertaken some testing, and now wish to examine more closely idrive.

idrive has the very useful function of encryption (two forms: default & private) but it also has much risk.

Default has:

*key is maintained by the provider,
*user not required to remember passwords
*user not required to remember where key is stored on hard drive (stored on provider system)

Private has:

*key that remains with the user.
*user needs to remember passwords, & where key is stored on his hard disk

I want to avoid any possible future problems with the use of encryption. Any members here who are savvy to this, & can provide some guidance on what to choose, & set in place good practices to avoid great pain in the future?



I don't have experience with online backups, but when it comes to security, I trust my self more than some company. I'd use something like PGP to encrypt my files before backing them up. Just make sure you don't lose your password. If you fear having your password stolen, write it down on paper and lock it up in a saftey deposit box if you have to.

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