Question Only one storage device being detected at a time

Aug 5, 2020
So I just built a new pc with a Ryzen 5 3600 Asus b450-f gaming motherboard (Most recent bios as of 8/5/2020) rtx 2070 super 2x8 gig sticks corsair vengeance ram and a 500 gb m.2 ssd wd blue and 2tb wd blue hard drive

My problem is that I put in my boot drive (m.2 ssd) and my hard drive at the same time but it only detects one at a time for example If I take out my m.2 drive my hdd comes back but when I put the m.2 in with the HDD then it only detects the m.2 I have a feeling its a bios setting just dont know what it is I have another rig and it boots up fine with both devices installed and detects both with full capacity I have checked the sata connections they do work aswell as I have seated everything properly

any help would be appreciated