Question Open box AIO bent/cracked, can I fix it?

Apr 15, 2022
I recently bought an open box AIO (MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 240mm) for very little money, fully knowing the risks. Upon opening the box, I was confronted a gnarly bend/crack where the radiator and tubing meet. It doesn’t wiggle at all, no water is actively leaking and I can still hear it in the cooler. I am wondering now, can I seal this crack and use it in a configuration where it couldn’t drip on any components? Should I? And what would be the best material, silicone, two part epoxy, something else, to glue it shut?


I'm sorry, but you actually paid for it? The ML240L is cheap for a reason, it has by far the most corners cut when it comes to quality of construction or performance. The ML240R is a different story.

There's really only 1 question. How much is it worth to you. It's currently returnable, open box or not, it's defective. Busted. Broken.

The moment you slap on any 2 part epoxy, marine JB etc, you own it outright.

The marine JB will plug the hole, but that's not the only issue. It's the part that's on the other side. In order to rip that in the first place has stressed the part that's still holding, barely, and it's cheap to begin with.

If I was to keep it, I'd sand off all the surrounding paint on the rad and tube. Then use JB weld TankWeld in a good sized bead around the whole circumference. For all intents and purposes, a cold weld. That'll offer maximum support, prevent any further tearing or flexing and is chemical resistant. Then a dab of paint to tidy it up.
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