OpenBSD Will Disable Intel Hyper-Threading To Avoid Spectre-Like Exploits

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Not to say I told you so... but I TOLD YOU SO! Core is DONE! put a fork in it.

Maybe they can raise the Itanic (Itanium) again. But my guess is they will put heavy effort into ARM; specifically because there's where all the effort is putting forth these days.

Agreed. AMD will need to patch as well, although I think their architecture is more resilient to these types of exploits.


Jan 23, 2008
Threading is a big deal, good luck doing anything where performance matters. I don't buy that multiple cores will pick up the load. Separate applications will often run on separate cores but many applications will be limited to one core and without threads it could kill the performance of the application.


Mar 1, 2017
Considering AMD architecture is quite a bit different SMT vs HT they seem the same but are not the same. AMD is ahead of Intel in keeping this under control without performance hits, something Intel cannot manage. Look at Intel scrambling, that 28 core haha, cannot beat a real world 32 core at 4.0ghz on AIR.

As soon as AMD drops that beautiful 7nm tech they will be ahead of Intel in IPC and probably will be able to match clocks at 5ghz on 4 6 and oh wait 8 core main stream, something Intel has yet to release. Shoot their 6 core still isn't even affordable for the mainstream you know the people who live from paycheck to paycheck, I use to be there.

I can afford this 8086k and a new z370 or 390 when it drops but why when my 4790k can hit 4.8ghz on a corsair h70 a push pull 120mm fan small radiator I know I can get 5ghz if I went with the h100i because I can get 4.9ghz with a house fan blowing on my case. So, Intel has been able to do this for the last 4 generations but didn't want to, so this new isn't even new still 14nm still based on core and HT why they stole AMD engineers in both cpu and gpu arch design HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sure ddr4 on the new boards and m.2 but I built a Ryzen x370 for half the price I could an Intel with very similar performance. Ryzen 3000 could see a bump in cores and threads or just clocks, they really have options and I knew AMD would be dropping a 32 core on threadripper 2 I am shocked they didn't for ripper 1.

Resilient but not impervious. ALl it will take is the right person to find the loophole. However right now Intel has the majority of the consumer and business desktop and the vast majority (near 99%) of server CPU sales. Which means the focus is on Intel to find the flaws that work to be able to breech and steal data. If AMD does get a much alrger presence in the server market then we would see more exploits come to light.

SMT and HT are the same exact thing. The difference is how they implement its design and how they want it to run. For AMD it seems to be load balancing, hence why there are a lot of programs that benefit from turning their SMT off. Its actually more like Intels first version of HT on the Pentium 4 which was better to turn off. Other than that they are exactly the same idea and technology. Bulldozer was different. It used a different variation of SMT.

Process size may or may not benefit performance. In most cases all it does is lowers power and thermals allowing for higher clock speeds.

It remains to be seen if that 7nm will do anything that well or not.
Jun 4, 2018
As I understand it, Intel was told of these flaws in early 2017, so why are we still not even hearing about Intel coming out with a new chip design to finally and completely fix this mess? Don't expect them to be ready now, but some kind of hint that they are at least working on it.
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