Opinions on my Glitchy Crosshair III motherboard


Oct 23, 2008
Hello friends,
I was just wondering if you have any opinions on the strange glitches i an having on my motherboard. The first one is that suddenly my cpu fan (thermaltake big typ 14) is spinning out of control and its fan controller doesnt slow it down. When booting i get a cpu fan error, even when the fan is unplugged.
The second issue is that when booting up the republic of gamers logo doesnt appear and when it does it moves at 1fps or just flat out freezes.
And the third issue is my desktop resolution its randomly changing at bootup.
also, the nb is running hot, 47C when idle and i have seven 120mm fan in my pc.

My system is:
Corsair hx520
Phenom II 965 125 watt
bios is at latest, 1204

Thank you,
Check your bios hardware monitor settings for the fan problem; it will always give you an error message if it's disconnected. I use the lowest settings, and about 50c for the fan trigger temp. I would disconnect some of those 7 fans; probably too much noise and they're apparantly blowing against each other. You want a tight case with a straight shot of airflow from front to back. All those top and side fans don't really help.

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