Question overclocking 10850k

Jul 12, 2020
i have a intel 10850k with a asus tuf z490 plus motherboard i have used the intel extreme tuning utility and was able to get 5.3 ghz stable on all cores. is there a difference in overclocking using the intel software compared to doing it in the bios btw im new to overclocking


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Yes, there is a WORLD of difference, not least of which is the fact that ALL automatic overclocking utilities tend to err towards the side of stability and will usually use significantly more core voltage than what is necessary to achieve a stable configuration at any given clock frequency.

If you ask any veteran overclocker, technician or systems builder they will pretty much all tell you the same thing, and that is that it is not recommended to use these utilities, regardless of the utility, for overclocking. If you are going to overclock it is significantly wiser to do so from within the BIOS, as you will have far better control of what happens in terms of applied core voltage, voltage fluctuation (usually known as LLC, or Load line calibration), and other relevant voltages like the system agent voltage, the cache or ring clock ratios, and so on.

There are very few Comet lake overclocking guides yet, and none of much worth that I've seen so far, so I'd recommend using the Tweaktown Coffee lake overclocking guide as the best common resource right now in terms of a written guide. The Coffee lake, Coffee lake refresh and Comet lake overclocking principles and terminology are all pretty much the same, with few differences, so there shouldn't really be a lot that isn't covered in this guide.

And for testing purposes, my overclocking guide for beginners should be helpful in guiding you through what to test and how.

Then if you have any other questions, or just as a very good resource that will help you to learn many of the specifics regarding Intel CPUs, every Intel CPU owner should read this at least once, and probably use it as a regular resource to refer to.