Overclocking Fail Need help!

May 3, 2018
I recently overclocked my AMD 860K to 4.2 GHz, and all worked fine. Then today, I decided hey why not to overclock to 6.3 GHZ and not turn up the voltage and use a H7 COoler to cool it? So me being irresponsible, did that and now my system turns on I tried moving the CMos jumper thingy from hole 1 and 2 to 2 and 3 and back, but my system turns on, but my screen and keybaord and mouse dont like turn on or get a signal. I have no clue what to do please help me. I have a

corsair 400c
R7 260X
H7 cooler
650 gold PSU 2tb firecuda and 250gb crucial ssd.
and a 8 and 2 gb stick of ram in.

Phillip Corcoran


Sarcastic imp! This is a very busy forum manned by unpaid volunteers, we can't help everyone inside ten minutes (that's the elapsed time between your two posts).

You want instant help then subscribe to a telephone support service which unlike us, isn't free.

Lol. Message to all future readers. DO NOT just go and do what this guy did. Especially not on older CPU's.

Immediately jumping to 6.3Ghz and NO bump in voltage is a really dumb thing to do.

First off, its only with more modern CPU's like skylake that we've been able to achieve even 5Ghz and that's with serious cooling and high voltage.

Also. Seeing how this guy goes about overclocking and messing with his CPU I'd be willing to bet that his 4.2Ghz isn't even stable and he's just wrecking his system lol.

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