Overclocking G3258 on H81M-e34


Mar 7, 2014
I'm building a PC for a friend, and I went with the G3258 because of its overclocking ability. I saw good reviews on Amazon and review websites for the MSI H81M-E34 for its ability to overclock the G3258. I've flashed the latest BIOS and it has the latest drivers. When I try to adjust the CPU Ratio, it won't let me change it from Auto. When I click on it, nothing happens. I've tried every combination of thing settings and looked at other people's troubleshooting posts and I haven't found an answer.

They were able to do it on this Tom's review.

It is also advertised as an overclocking board, and has overclocking functions in the BIOS.

If it helps, I am running Windows 10 on it.