P5Q Pro w/ new card = no boot


Nov 9, 2009
I just bought a EVGA GTX275 to replace my 8800GTS 512. Install went smooth but computer does not post.

The motherboard's green light is on but I don't hear a beep like I used to.

I also tried unplugging all the accessories like HDD, DVD-ROM etc and only run CPU/Ram/Video and im still getting the same results.

For power I have an Antec 550W, which is the min requirement for the card and everything checked out even with the PSU calculator.

Anyone have any ideas?
If you put the old card back in, does the computer post then? Just want to check that nothing else got messed up in the process. When I got a bad card, it was a nice bit of evidence that with the old card it would post and the new it would not. Even if the Antec was on the low side, I'd imagine it would at least post, then crash later.