[SOLVED] Partitioning question


Oct 31, 2016
I seriously need some help . . . and I mean help. I have two Terabyte drives. Drive 0 is partitioned into three drives; a G-drive, which contains the MBR and is 13.77-Gig. The second partition on the drive is Drive C. Drive C has 450-Gig. And the third partition on Drive 0 is Win7, and it's size is 497-Gig. Windows XP is on partition G and as I stated,is where the MBR is located. I have another 0ne Terabyte drive attached and it's Drive 1 with no partitions.

My problem is this: Partition "G" (13.77-Gig) . I am being notified that the disk or partition G is full thus when I attempt to download any software, or back-up work, I am told that the disc is full and the download or backup has failed.

I downloaded EaseUS (thank goodness), before the disc space was full but now I can't even download TeamViewer or any other Partition software to re-size G-drive partition. When I click on re-size/move as instructed in EaseUS "How-to" videos, nothing happens. I placed my cursor on Drive C partition and attempted to move it to the right to create a section of unallocated space to move drive 0 partition G, but again it did not work.

The short of it is this: until I can get more space on Drive partition G, by moving Drive Partition G to Drive Partition C I am dead in the water.

Can someone please help!!!!
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