Patch-Induced Reboot Errors Impact Kaby Lake, Skylake, Ivy And Sandy Bridge, Too

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Nov 29, 2017
A crash is now a reboot? "Fixed" means 10-20% slower CPU in many scenarios. SSD performance cut in half in some cases. Intel still churning out defective chips.

My below average 7 year old Zen i7 will be unusably slow by the time all the updates will be rolled out by March.


I've grown accustomed to my PC running continuously for months at a time between drivers and Windows updates. If a patch of any kind caused my computer to crash, reboot or whatever you want to call that, I'd declare it unfit for its intended use and would have to seek compensation if it cannot be fixed within a reasonable time frame. I'd rather avoid the hassle altogether but failing that, it would be nice to upgrade my CPU+MoBo+RAM (mostly) at Intel's expense.


Jul 14, 2010
My below average 7 year old Zen i7 will be unusably slow by the time all the updates will be rolled out by March.[/quotemsg]

Your 7 year old Zen i7, huh...


My below average 7 year old Zen i7 will be unusably slow by the time all the updates will be rolled out by March.[/quotemsg]Your 7 year old Zen i7, huh... [/quotemsg]He's got an old but solid AMDtel Ryzen iFX 7, fully RAMmed with the latest GUI Vindows installed on a classic Splodesung Stoutly Statutory Drive (SSSD). Everything was running smoothly until he read an article titled "The Exploits of Meltyghost". After that performance became a bit Patchy. All in all, quite the Spectrecle to behold.


Jan 12, 2018
The "cure" is far worse than the "disease" here, as the latter is not even being exploited in the wild. Moreover, I am not willing to accept the performance hits on older systems, upon which I still rely daily. It is unacceptable for Intel, Microsoft, etc., to push these patches and BIOS updates without a) the ability for end users to say "no," and furthermore, to uninstall / reverse these updates if they are problematic. This is crap, and in the end, it only forces individuals and businesses to fork out large sums for new systems prematurely. All this is indeed worthy of class action suits, and I hope Intel, AMD, Microsoft, etc., pay heavily for their underhanded shenanigans, which should have never occurred in the first place.
you can not install the latest video driver, and not have the NVidia update to the chip, you can uninstall the update from Windows and set it to be ignored in the menu and never have it running either.

Yes they are patching it quickly without asking anyone's opinions because... the word is out and now hackers and profiteers will be writing code to get your information from your computer..

The law suit would be bigger if they did not patch it right away, instead of not doing anything about it. its all about courts, and the people that will sue because of the code now patched, will be hard chosen to prove they did not do their best for the public. better patch your system than leave it open to malicious code to grab your personal data no?

If you don't think so, then go ahead and remove the updates... its like listening to people still swearing up a tree that XP is the last best OS, even though it is riddled with security flaws that Still permit viruses to spread around the world because people do not want to upgrade their operating system.

This affects all manufacturers not just intel, and Microsoft isn't at fault here, but the cpu/gpu manufacturer's, Microsoft is only protecting themselves from people wanting to sue them for not stepping in to prevent windows to use this flaw to make things move faster.

So in ending ladies and gents of the juries, Microsoft is patching the hole left by hardware manufacturers, left in place hidden from view until it came to light, and immediately patched the security issue, does it make windows a little slower, technically speaking, it makes windows run at the speed it was originally intended and not "pre-thinking" what your next url will be based on your habits.

If your a business, then load up Linux.. oh wait, the Linux kernel already also has been patched, as well as Nvidia, AMD, Apple, Android and IOS. looks likes software companies are being protective while manufacturer where simply not caring about the security of the people...

therefore Microsoft and other OS developers are not at fault. guilty by association by using the flaw to make their OS faster, sure, but that was partnership and it ended when the cat was out of the bag.

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