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Question PC Black Screen AKA BSOD

May 6, 2020
Hi everyone,

my gaming PC is facing some issues. For one, I can't get it to display anything or POST. The PC was fine until a couple days ago when it started crashing a few times (static noise then black screen). The PC is an Envy h8-1549.


Mobo: Pegatron (?)

PSU: 750W EVGA Supernova NEX750B

SSD: Samsung Evo 8 250 GB

HDD: WD Blue 1 TB

CPU: i7 3770k

GPU: Gigabyte R9 390 WindForce 8 GB DDR5

RAM: 2x 8 GB 1866 MHz Corsair Vengeance Pro Series + 8 GB 1600 MHz G.Skill + 8 GB Micron MT16JTF1G64AZ-1G6E1

I have tried resetting the CMOS to no avail. I unseated & reseated everything except the PSU and CPU, and swapped RAM around a little bit. I could probably get my hands on another PSU to test it out. My screen's main input has always been DisplayPort, but it can also do HDMI. Unfortunately the mobo only has DVI-I (Dual Link) output, for which I don't have a cable. But I do have a DVI 24+1 to HMDI adapter.

OS is Windows 10 64-bit and the screen is in working condition.

Thanks for reading this.