Question PC bluescreens randomly and applications like Discord keep crashing

Apr 12, 2021
My friend an I both built a PC with the same specs but although mine works perfectly fine, his just keeps crashing.

We thought the reason might be a heating/cooling Problem so we both installed a program called "Open Hardware Monitor" and we compared everything including temperatures and other stuff. What stood out is that his CPU package temperature max was very low and at the point where his temperature exceeded the max his PC crashed. Also for him it only showed one fan with the numper 4 while mine shows fans from #1 to #3.

I dont know if this has to do with the applications randomly crashing and the bluescreens or if Im just outing myself as a complete computer noob. But I hope someone out there who maybe had a similar problem or someone wo may have an idea could reply. We would be really thankful.