Question PC booting into a black screen

Dec 5, 2022
Windows 10 attempted to check disk before loading into the OS, after I allowed it to complete it's course, it began to boot into a black screen with just a low resolution cursor.

I attempted to get it to boot into the safe mode prompt, but again - it would boot into the same black screen.

I attempted to reinstall windows by choosing a USB with Windows 10 installation software on it (I've tried to use 2 different USB sticks with fresh Win 10 installation media), and for some weird reason, it boots into a blank purple screen (the same purple that the windows 10 installation wizzard usually has), after some time about 10 minutes, the windows set up finally pops up, but if I make an attempt to reinstall, or repair windows, the UI disappears again, this time not reappearing.

After attempts at reinstalling windows, I managed to get to the point where the "Setup is starting" text appears, just for it to freeze here for an infinite period of time.



CPU: i7-7700k
GPU: 1070ti
RAM: 32 GB (8x4) Corsair Vengeance RGB
Mobo: Asus Prime Z270-P
Storage: Intel 660p 1tb NVMe, 1tb WD Blue HDD
CPU Cooler: Corsair H115i Pro

Update: Solved

I suspected this issue was due to a dying NVMe, although it wouldn't explain why the Windows 10 installation was failing. Either way, I bit the bullet and bought a new NVMe, installed it and attempted to install Windows, however I ran into the same purple screen issue. I decided I'd disconnect my SATA HDD and alas, the installation immediately continued with no more issues. I'm not entirely sure why and how this HDD prevented me from booting into windows, and how it managed to some how prevent me from fresh installing windows despite not being the primary drive and despite the fact that it didn't even show up in the boot loader.
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