Question PC Build Issues

Jan 13, 2020
Ok, so long story short. My brother had a gaming PC built and rarely used it so donated it to me when he moved to Australia.

This was a month or two ago and I've only got round to setting it up myself yesterday and I'm facing a tonne of issues.

The issues are different a lot of the time but some to note:

Whenever the PC is shutdown and restarted, the following behaviour(s) can happen:
'Please enter setup to recover BIOS setting'
'Overclocking failed! Please enter setup to re-configure your system' (I don't believe it is clocked, I think that's just a mobo feature)
'Chassis intruded, system halted' (I fixed this one by replacing the CMOS battery - after replacing the CMOS, the PC wouldn't power on at all for 5-10 minutes)
The ASUS logo comes up and just spins and won't boot any further.


Processor: i7-5820k 6 Core CPU
Board: ASUS X99-A
SSD: 2x 512GB
GPU: GeForce GTX Titan X 12GB DDR5

The PC isn't overly old. Maybe 8 months and has minimum usage.
Windows is constantly trying to update but where it needs to reboot itself and the startup issues are happening etc, it's failing everytime.
I did notice the clock in BIOS and on the PC was 2 hours behind despite it being the right timezone and to set auto but I fixed that by turning off auto set and back on again.

I'm writing this thread on the PC in question now but I know as soon as it's restarted, I'll get some sort of error or incident. For example, I turned it on today and it took ages for my TV to pick it up, just telling me 'No signal'.

Sounds to me in my unprofessional hardware opinion that it's something to do with the MOBO but it's so hit and miss and everything is lighting up on the board as it should.

Any suggestions on fixes or things to check would be great and I'd appreciate it.


One more thing to note, a few times I've had to take it all apart (leads etc) because it refuses to boot and I've closed everything before shutting it down, however, once or twice that it's successfully booted, it's started but with a certain webpage I was on and a certain program open. OK, ok, it's uTorrent. It's like it's booting from a specific 'time'.
Jan 13, 2020
Hi, to further add to this;

PC has all of a sudden started booting much better (for an unknown reason) however, it appears my main HDD is corrupted or something isn't right despite me using the PC now.

This is a screenshot;

If I try and initialise it, choosing MBR (Master boot record) I get: The system cannot find the specified file.
If I try and initialise under GPT (Guid Partition Table) I get: The specified disk is not convertible because the size is less than the minimum required for GPT disks.

What is going wrong? Arghhhh!


Jan 14, 2016
it could be a corrupted disk, corrupted OS installation, faulty SATA port or even a bad device driver causing the intermittent problems.

maybe try running Check Disk to check for actual disk errors:
quick Windows 10 Check Disk tutorial

I would just reformat the entire disk and reinstall Windows. if you've got game saves or other user specific program content located there, try to make a backup of your "C:\Users" and "C:\ProgramData" folders first.