Question PC build nood help please

Apr 22, 2019
I didn't immediately notice anything that would be obviously incompatible when flipping through those product pages. The cooler might be a bit overkill for a 2700X, but it looks like a pretty good system.
Thanks for the reply.
Will the cooler damage my 2700x? Would I be better off going for the Intel core i9 9900k?
I don't see why it would damage it, as it supports socket AM4 and should be plenty to cool that processor.

Intel can also be a good option for a high-end gaming system. Intel's current high-end CPUs clock higher than AMD's, which can allow for higher frame rates in CPU-limited scenarios, particularly when running a relatively low resolution like 1080p on a high refresh-rate screen with a high-end graphics card. I'm not sure moving all the way up to an i9-9900K would be worth the cost though, as performance is likely to not be much different compared to an i7-9700K or an i7-8700K, as current games don't make heavy use of enough threads to fully utilize an 8-core, 16-thread CPU.

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