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Question Pc built with refurbed parts, cant bring to life, damaged Mobo?

Jun 2, 2020
Hi everyone, first things first id like to say I'm a total noob when it comes to pc building, but I wanted to learn so bought some 2nd hand parts and had a tinker.

Now my issue, I've installed all the parts to the motherboard user instructions so I'm confident all is fitted correctly.

Plug the pc in, press the start button on the front of the case which comes from the motherboard and the PSU fan starts up, leds on case from mobo light up and thats it, doesn't boot and even CPU fan doesn't start.

Everything seems okay and the PSU is from an old pc of mine so I'm sure that's not faulty? I noticed that the place where my CPU plugs in there's a few bent pins, would this prevent the pc from booting? Wondering if I need to order a new mobo?

Tia for any replies :)