PC Card not using 32-bit support



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Another question for the masses...

I recently dug out my Satellite Pro 420 CDT...

I formatted the drive (to purge The pre-loaded OS-Win 95B), and loaded Win
98SE in it's place...

Everything went well except the PC-Card wizard reared it's ugly head
offering to help me remove my existing PC-Card drivers (which could
apparently conflict with the 32-bit Windows drivers) and install the 32-bit
Windows drivers needed to support PC cards...

I didn't know what to do at the time so I cancelled the wizard and finished
the Win 98SE load...

When I ran the software for my 3-Com Modem card, it pulled up the PC-Card
wizard saying I had to deal with it before I could load the Modem software...

The Modem card wasn't in the slot during the OS load...

Can anyone walk me through this?

The wizard isn't very specific (what a surprise)...



Jun 14, 2006
Since there is a driver database in 98, usually these are generic drivers. Its best to go to the manufactures site and get the latest drivers for that device (make/model). If it prompts you to override or delete an existing driver, say "Yes" to accept. If you also get a popup for a "Driver Signature", say "Yes" as well. You mentioned "PC-card", I assume this is for a laptop, you mean PCMCIA (roughly a 2x4 inch card).