Question PC crashing/shutting down at random ?

Jul 26, 2022
Alright here goes, 2 weeks ago i built a brand new system everything brand new ,booted it, played on it, 2 days ago it started having odd issues of just shutting down randomly while gaming,halo,warzone,it takes 2, im not sure what is going on.

What I've tried:
  • ive set all my settings for everything to defaults
  • lowered my ram speeds to 3600mhz and 3200mhz,
  • updated all drivers for everything
  • updated my bios to the most recent bios,
  • ive ran stress tests with no errors or issues
  • ive ran memtest to check ram stability with 0 issues,
  • ive undervolted cpu and gpu and it still happens,
  • ive constantly monitored temps and have never even got close to overheating,
When gaming my gpu sits 65-75,my cpu gets to 60 while gaming ive even monitored my ram heat and ssd heat and its all at a loss.most of the time everything shuts down on computer but lights and fans still spin and pc will not turn back on unless i flip the switch on the back of the psu off and on. when i was playing warzone the game crashed but the pc was fine and stayed on.i ran cinebench and heaven bench and pc was fine no crashes or issues.

PSU-Corsair RM850x Gold
CPU-Ryzen 9 5900x
GPU-xfx Speedster Merc319 6900xt
Aio-Asus ROG Ryugin II
RAM-G.Skill TridentZ RGB 32gb 4400(Underclocked to 3200 due to CPU)
MOBO-Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero(Wifi)

Link is to my HWmonitor Logs while gaming:

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts it would be much appreciated thank you.


Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer.

Either one or both may be capturing error codes, warnings, or even informational events that occur just before or at the time of the shutdowns.

Clicking any given log entry can provide additional details. The details may or may not be helpful.

Start with Reliability History. Much more user friendly and the time line format may prove revealing. Look for things that started (or stopped) happening 2 days ago.

Event Viewer is much, more cumbersome and more difficult to navigate and understand. Takes more time and effort but there is no need to rush. Just explore and navigate about as necessary to gain a sense of it all.

= = = =

Power down, unplug, open the case.

Verify by sight and feel that all connectors, cards, RAM, jumpers, and case connections are fully and firmly in place.

No one wants to force anything in a new build so what may have originally seemed tight or in place is not.

Seat/re-seat as warranted then try again.