Question PC doesn't sends video signas, It also reboots after few seconds

Jul 12, 2019
Well, I was playing on my PC as usual, I turned it on only a few minutes ago, then suddenly the game freezed and the screen crashed in some sort of buggy and glitched screen, while looping the last second of sound from the game. I shut down the PC and then turned it on again. The PC doesn't sends video signal, but also it restarts after a few seconds, I don't know if it will keep restarting, I opened the case to see if there's something wrong but everything seems to be ok, the cooler starts and the rear fan too.
Can anybody help me?

PD: I doesn't care so much because I'm gonna purchase a new pc in a few days, but I'm quite annoyed of this problem.

(Sorry for my english level, I'm from argentina)

My PC:

H81H3-M4 V: 1.0A motherboard

Intel Core i3 4160

Integrated graphics card Intel HD graphics 4400

8gb ddr3 ram (two rams of 4gb each)

400w power supply

I aldo have two hard drives with some data I don't wanna lose

One is of 500gb and the other is 1tb