Question Pc freeze and auto restart when playing heavy games.

Sep 19, 2019
My pc freezing and then auto restarting when i start some heavy games like Rainbow six siege. my pc runs this game without any problem . since 5 days i am getting this problem. i checked benchmark test and got 60-70 fps . But now when i run this game my pc got hanged, screen goes off and then pc restarts automatically. sometimes game running but shuttering and lagging but fps remains to 50-60. same thing happening when i play " war thunder ", If i change in game visual settings to minimum the game runs well. but if i Change the settings to low or medium pc goes auto restart.
I played those game on medium or high settings without any error few days ago.
Gpu temp 45 c
cpu temp 55-75 c
gpu drivers updated .
My rig config - 10gb ram
amd phenom ii X4 955 cpu
gtx950 2gb oc gpu
corsair vs550 psu. Thanks


Random reboots or shutdowns are mostly caused by 2 issues:
  1. CPU/GPU overheats and to prevent any damage, system shuts down.
  2. PSU fails to deliver enough power to the GPU or fails to keep smooth enough voltage for PC's operation.
Since your temps are within reason, it's the PSU who is acting up.

Your Corsair VS series PSU is the worst PSU offered by Corsair and that's a low quality unit. I wouldn't even use VS series to power an office PC without a dedicated GPU and which never sees any high loads, let alone powering a gaming PC with it with dedicated GPU in it.

In other words, what you're looking at is a new PSU. And this time, do not cheap out on PSU.
For your PC, a good quality 500W range PSU is more than enough. Here, i suggest getting any Seasonic unit. E.g: Focus 550, Focus+ 550, PRIME Ultra 550 Gold or PRIME Ultra 550 Platinum,

Warranty wise:
Corsair VS: 3 years
Seasonic Focus: 7 years
Seasonic Focus+: 10 years
Seasonic PRIME: 12 years (includes all PRIME models: regular, Fanless, AirTouch, SnowSilent, Ultra)

All 3 of my PCs: Skylake, Haswell and AMD are also powered by Seasonic. Full specs with pics in my sig.