Question PC Freeze and shuts down randomly

Jan 19, 2023
Hello, recently out of no where my PC has started to randomly freeze and eventually crash, no blue screen however. Its only happened while chrome is running so far but that could be a coincidence I guess. Hasn't happened while gaming for several hours yet.
CPU temps are always normal, I use the software Coretemp pretty frequently to check.
I've ran bluescreenview and whocrashed to get the dumpfiles. Would appreciate it if anyone could look at them and tell me what's going on because I've got no idea what's causing this. dmpfiles
Couple of things im gonna list and maybe ideas for diagnosing such problem.

First and formost, please list the hardware in your system, including PSU, motherboard, the brand and spec of your ram, your CPU cooler, what M.2 SSD if any are you using, just to further help us determine what could be causing this. Do you overclock at all, if so list any big changes like RAM speed, or for AMD, Infinity fabric speeds if you played with it, stuff like that.

Temps, I know you say normal, but whats normal for you might not be normal, We need more info, Temps can cause a system to freeze, Wee need to know what the temps are, but its kinda of hard to say if its root cause as some CPU's do have a lower safe operating temps than others. Though not common and unlikly to be the issue, overheating ram can cause this, I've had an overheating samsung M.2 SSD cause my system to hang and freeze, no errors or anything, Underspec or overheating PSU though hard to tell what temps its running at can also cause a crash, noramlly you just want to make sure it not plugged with dust and the fan spins when the system has a heavy load (Its normal for some PSU's to not spin the fan under light loads).

I've seen some overclock cause systems to freeze, dosn't always have to Blue screen to be unstable, If you do use XMP/DOCP try setting it down a notch, if you are running 3200mhz, drop it to 3000 or 2933mhz and see, at least it would give you an idea what it is if its stable and you can move on from there.

If it also happens with just chrome, that could indicate that you need to reinstall or update your video drivers, Nvidia recently (2 drivers ago I believe) had an issues with hardware acceleration with some browsers on some systems causing systems or drivers to crash, update or reinstall the drivers could fix this, AMD drivers not sure as I haven't ran an AMD card since November.

Software, if no other option or idea's seem to help at all, If you got another SSD or even a slow HDD laying around, remove your Windows drive and install windows onto a spare drive to see if its software related. Sometimes windows or rogue drivers can cause weird things like this rather just straight up blue screening.

Good Luck!