PC freezes and needs restart while playing games

Oct 4, 2018
For the last month, my PC has started to act wierd. When I play GTA the textures often disappears while im driving fast, I have tried to use the lowest graphics settings in GTA, but it doesn't seem to help much. For the last week I have experienced that I can no longer play GTA more than 10 minutes before the game exits itself, and a error message from rockstar shows up. When i play other games, like Euro Truck Simulator 2. My games often freezes and won't close. Alt-Tab won't work and I need to restart my pc to be able to use other programs.

I have not seen anything suspicious when it comes to viruses and the issues only happens while im playing games.

Do anyone know what can cause this problem, or how to possibly fix it?

GPU: Geforce 1050 Aero (2GB)
CPU: Intel I5-7400 (3.00Ghz)
RAM: Ballistix (2x4GB)
HDD: Seagate (1TB-7200RPM-6.0Gb/s)
Motherboard: Krait gaming B250
(PC is not overclocked)


check temperatures of your CPU and GPU while gaming

check the HDD with seatools

check RAM with memtest.org usb autoinstaller

which power supply brand and model are you using?

use ddu uninstaller to remove the GPU driver and reinstall the latest from nvidia.com