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Question PC freezes for a few seconds and loses signal ONLY while browsing the web or using Discord


Mar 19, 2018
I built this PC in February this year www.pcpartpicker.com/list/xFstcY .

The PC seemingly works fine. I've had extensive gaming sessions on it, I've thrown every stress test and benchmark onto it to check if everything is fine. GPU has low temps in games, handles every gaming session with zero issues, maxes out at 75c during Furmark, can go into infinity without dropping FPS. RAM was tested on the 3200mhz xmp profile in memtest86 overnight, no errors. Did AIDA64 stability test and Prime95 for 8 hours, no crashes.

Sounds very stable right? But every once or twice a week, at random times while using Firefox or Discord, the PC freezes and becomes completely unresponsive for around 5 seconds, then the monitor loses signal and the CPU debug light on the mobo lights up.

Case fans go up to 100% as well. It just stays like that until I force restart it. I tried switching power profiles, lowering my RAM speed. No dice.

Tried looking for any info on the crash in event viewer and WhoCrashed. WhoCrashed shows absolutely nothing about it and the event viewer isn't any more helpful either. It just throws a critical error that the system has rebooted without shutting down first.

Tried reinstalling windows and fresh drivers too, same thing. In fact, it happened 8 times since I fresh installed windows 10 on 9th of july. I will probably try replacing my PSU soon but just putting this here to check if anyone has any ideas.

today it happened after i played witcher 3 for 3 hours straight, then i shut the game down and opened twitch on firefox and it froze

one of the times it happened as soon as i turned on the computer and opened discord

Literally any kind of suggestion is appreciated because I am absolutely dumbfounded right now

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Look in Reliability History for error codes and warnings. Reliability History is a bit more user friendly than Event Viewer.

Observe system performance in either Task Manager and Resource Monitor. First while not gaming, then while gaming. Do the same again using the other tool.

Have you opened the case and reseated all components, cables, jumpers, etc.?


Aug 7, 2019
Your video card requires a 500-watt power supply at a MINIMUM. I usually go 100-watts over manufacturer minimum recommendations. Considering your issue sounds exactly like a split-second loss of power (no dumps or other Windows errors other than power error) the power supply is the first thing I would replace to solve this. You could still sell the card, and get some money back, as I don't believe it's a bad unit, I just don't think it's enough for your build.
Like Ketchup, I think this is a power issue, but I'm not sure it's your PSU. Card makers are always overly cautious about PSU recommendation becuase there are a lot of crappy PSUs out there that can't even do what they advertise. You have a decent high-midrange PSU and it can handle your system. All that said, I would still try another one. It's quick and easy, PSU's are easy to return, and if you keep it, you will have a spare.

My guess is a failed or overheating VRM on the motherboard. Check the VRM heatsink and make sure it's not loose. If it really has failed, then you are going to need to replace the board.