Question PC freezes, still able to move my mouse, then BSOD after few minutes


Aug 20, 2015
For past few days my pc would freeze but im still able to move my mouse, only way to fix it was to restart my pc but then it would get stuck on loading windows and it cant get past that untill i take out ram and return it. But today i left it running after freezing to see what would happen and i got BSOD, but it was so fast that i cant see which error it is. One day it actually unfroze 2 times, it didnt happen for past 2 days.

What i know and did so far:
Before that started happening i installed a game and was unlocking narrator voices through regedit (1 voice).
I uninstalled the game
Scan my pc for viruses
Cleaned all malwere too
Ran memory check and checked for bad sectors, no errors or anything
Temperature is good, no overheating
I also deleted newly added registry for voice that i added and that seemed to fixed the problem, that was 2 days ago, but it happened again today
I also deleted everything in prefetch folder in C:
Ran ccleaner just in case

Thats all i could think of.

Also, its not only freezing while in game, but it happened while using browser too (Opera).
And as im writting this i did the routine where i take out ram and put it back and start my pc again and its still stuck at windows loading

Edit: it happened again and i menaged to get bsod error. Its unexpected store exception
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What game?

First: update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Second: use Reliability History and Event Viewer to look for error codes and warnings that correspond to the times of the BSODs.

Stay out of the registry - registry editing is a last resort and may actually make things worse. If you start editing the registry be very certain that you have full backups available that are both recoverable and readable.
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