Question PC freezes when trying to load games

Aug 13, 2022
If anyone could please help, Whenever I try to load into games my PC freezes. I can see the RGB on my Mobo, Ram, and GPU freeze as well. I am still able to move my mouse however I am unable to load anything. I have YouTubed and tried multiple different things to try and diagnose the problem to no success. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated

My Specs are:

AMD Ryzen 7 5800x
ASUS rog strix b550 f-gaming
ASUS rog strix OC 3070ti
Lian li galahad 360 AIO
Corsair Vengeance Ram (4x8GB)
ASUS rog strix 1000w PSU

Cem Goker

Jul 3, 2013
I would start with the easy tasks first- check your temperatures before the freezing occurs and monitor it as the freeze is happening. If heat isn't the issue, try updating your GPU driver (and use DDU to remove the previous installation). If that didn't work, then go your motherboards support webpage on ASUS and get the latest stable BIOS and flash it. If that fails as well, I would do a memtest86 on your RAM. Test all your RAM one by one. Take out all the sticks and slot it on A1 slot of the motherboard and run the test. Rinse and repeat for each stick of RAM. If you find even one single error on any of the sticks then you can have it replaced. Check your power/data connections to/from your motherboard and reseat the cables if necessary to eliminate any data transfer and power-related issues. If all else fails, you will most likely have to reformat and do a clean install of Windows.