Question PC Game Crashing Issues

Sep 27, 2020

to preface, my system specs are below:

GeForce 1080Ti 11gb DDR4
32GB G-Skill 2400MHz DDR4 RAM
Liquid Cooled
1TB Samsung 970 EVO
3TB Toshiba HDD
MOBO: MSI 370A-Pro

I have had this PC for a little over 2 years at this point, and for whatever reason, most of my games have begun to crash. Previously I have played Overwatch and GTA5, Fortnite, Apex Legends, etc. without any sort of crashing issue.

However, once I installed COD: MW, I continuously get Dev Error 6328, Disc Read Errors, random crashes with no error code, micro freezing while playing occasionally. Suddenly, Overwatch and any other even remotely intensive games have begun to crash.

I have tried every single fix in the book, even upgrading components along the way to see if anything was faulty. The GPU and RAM have yet to be upgraded, but in order to try to resolve disc read errors, I got a new M.2 SSD (970 Evo) and uninstalled and reinstalled the games onto that.

Below is a list of fixes I have tried to date (9/27/2020):

Ran borderless mode, with Vsync enabled
All drivers updated
No Anti-virus software besides windows defender is installed
Disabled all overlays from Discord, Nvidia, Xbox Game bar, Overwolf, etc.
Reinstalled Windows 2 times
Reseated RAM x1
Tried to turn off XMP profiles (not compatible with my memory via BIOS)
Nothing is overclocked, I checked and tried to set everything to stock
Cleared Cache folders for all games and launchers
disabled all cloud services such as OneDrive, etc. just to see (I am at a total loss at this point)

This is my last resort, to see if anyone here has any ideas for me. Otherwise, I fear I will have to rent a flamethrower and torch the POS.

Thank you in advance!