Question Pc has been randomly freezing and restarting

Sep 11, 2020
Hi my PC has been randomly crashing and restarting for a month and I have no idea what to do. No viruses are causing it as I have scanned my PC multiple times with windows defender and Trojan remover and just did a fresh re install of windows 10 last week to no avail.

More in depth about specific issues:
PC freezing:
My pc would just randomly crash for no reason, even when it was just on the desktop with no applications on whatsoever, the whole pc freezes and I cannot do ctrl + alt + delete at all, what I have to do is manually hold the power button on the case or switch it off using the switch on the power supply, when it freezes the audio would sometimes freak out but more often then not would keep playing normally like nothing happened, the other night my PC froze but I could still speak to my friends in discord and they could still hear me but I couldn't do anything with the PC and had to turn it off and on again.

Issues turning on:
Sometimes after a crash I would turn my pc off because I had no other choice, I would then try and turn it back on again however it would turn on but none of the screens would turn on at all, however the LEDs in my mouse and keyboard would come on as usual (I dont know if that is normal or not) I would then have to turn my PC off again and try turning it back on again, this would sometimes take multiple tries before I could actually use my PC again.

Random restarts:
Sometimes my PC would freeze like i previously described and then turn itself off without me touching it, it would then turn back on again which would sometimes work and sometimes the screens wouldn't come on and I would have to turn it off and on again like I previously described.

Performing slightly slower then expected:
I have put my specs of the PC below, however even with these specs the PC is not performing as well as I expected it too, my friend has a PC with slightly worse components then mine yet he runs the same games on the same settings and gets more fps, I dont know if this is just my imagination or whether my expectation is warped of how well it should actually be performing but I just thought I should mention it. It is not massively under performing only very slightly.

I bought the PC pre-made about 2 years ago however all components have been replaced within the last year except for the motherboard and the HDD which are the same from the base build.

Things I have tried:
I heard that the latest big windows 10 update was causing a lot of people problems so I reinstalled the 1909 version of windows 10 last week and started fresh, however all of the mentioned issues are still happening.

I have tried scanning my PC for viruses multiple times and have found nothing, also because I reinstalled windows just last week and have only really installed things like league and discord and nothing else odd I dont know how there would be any on it anyway.

rtx 2060 6gb
BE QUIET Dark Rock 4 cooler
32gb 3200mhz gskill tridentz ram
Corsair VS650W power supply
Crucial MX500 500gb ssd (where windows is installed)
Seagate barracuda 1tb hdd
ASRock B360M Xtreme Motherboard

It would mean the world to me if anyone could help me fix or diagnose these issues as this has been unbelievably frustrating to try and deal with. i am willing to try and do anything if you need more information please just ask and if you could tell me how to get it for you that would be great too. Thanks guys


"Corsair VS650W power supply"
That would be the first suspect. Many people on this forum know that Corsair's VS series aren't really designed to be run in systems with gaming graphics cards.
Replacing it is about the only way to rule it out.
Sep 11, 2020
I installed a new power supply a few hours ago the TMX 750W by corsair and it is still crashing. Any other ideas what it could be?


-Drivers. Are you keeping up with updates?
Motherboard has it's own set of drivers found on the manufacturer's support page: chipset, sata, lan, audio...

-If this is a system where you carried over your C drive, did you do a clean install of Windows? This is a must, as there will be old drivers and registry files for your old hardware left over, and they will cause conflicts.
I know you said you did a fresh reinstall, but did you retain any files, or was it completely wiped? If so, disregard.

-Some storage drives have their own firmware/software and should be updated.

- 32gb 3200mhz gskill tridentz ram
Was this bought as is, or did you add ram on later? Ram is only guaranteed to work as sold. Mixing may not work, even if the frequencies and timings are the same.

-Check the health of the storage drives to rule out excessive bad sector count.
Crystal Disk Info is a useful free tool:

-Was the 2060 manually overclocked? If yes, remove it.

-Do you do clean gpu driver installs by running Display Driver Uninstaller beforehand? If yes, disregard.

A last resort, of sorts. Check which version is currently running, then check the manufacturer's site for updates that contain fixes or performance enhancements.

Motherboards are darn difficult to troubleshoot. If there's no visible damage present, there's literally no other way to troubleshoot them without replacing 'em.
If nothing else works, then give the mobo a go.