PC is dead out of nowhere. Not blue screen, simply won't turn on at all :(

Jack Grbovic

Sep 10, 2013
As the title suggests, my PC is dead. Try turning it on as I may it will do no thing. It happened when I was playing CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive for those who don't know) when surprise surprise, I get a blue screen (I'm not going to go into detail of what the blue screen said as I am far past the point of caring, I've been putting up with them once or twice every gaming session for about 2 years now, and the three or four reinstalls of Windows 8 didn't help at all). So naturally, because of the incredibly anal rules that Counter Strike has about match making (you have to reconnect within 5 minutes or you're banned from playing for a certain amount of time. Yeah I think it's bull too but hey) I turn my PC off at the plug socket and on again so I can reboot in time to reconnect and not get banned. After turning the switch on I pressed the power button and nothing happened. I pressed it again and the same thing. That's all I needed, I know this PC and I knew it had gone belly up on me so I turn to Tom's Hardware to help me sort this out.

I've had the PC case for 2 and a half years,
The CPU for 2 years
The GPU for half a year
2 Ram sticks for 2 and a half years, 2 for half a year
The motherboard for a year and a half
And the PSU for 2 and a half years.

Being no expert whatsoever, I'm kinda thinking that the PSU comes into it somewhere as there is no power going to the machine whatsoever. None of the motherboard lights come on when plugged in and the kettle plug doesn't make the familiar electric-y sound when I put it in the back of the PC.

I'd be greatful for any help I can get from any of you. All I'm looking for is to be able to play DayZ, GTAV and CS:GO for a couple months longer until I can buy a new PC that I don't have to build for myself because screw that after what happened with this one.

Thanks very much guys,



Jun 20, 2012
If there is nothing happening when plugged in and trying to power on... no fans or lights in the PSU, I would try replacing that first. As you're looking at a premade build for a new computer, you may not have another one laying around to try and swap out with. See if you can't grab one cheap at a local store and switch it out, or ask for help with a friend who may have a spare laying around. If you were going to look at building your next, I would suggest getting a new PSU now and just transfer it out when the time is right. That's where I'd first start.


Aug 18, 2015
It's probably the PSU as mudpuppet mentioned. If you are able to test the computer with another one and it's still dead, the motherboard could have went out.

Also double check your power cable into the PSU. Sometimes it can look like it's connected but isn't all the way. Hopefully it's something simple and easy to fix.


Apr 26, 2015
I think everybody is on the right track here. More than likely the power supply. If you have another computer around test it out by swapping it out or benching it like Tradesman1 says to try. I also have one that happened to me that was really odd. I had an external drive connected and my computer did the same thing, on a new build. Turns out it was drawing too much from the 5v rail causing the issue. Would have never considered that as a cause but there it was. Have never had the issue since. Just another thing to consider.


Oct 23, 2016
Alternatively if you don't have parts to swap around to test your PSU there is another way. Take the PSU out with a single case fan. Then, bend a paper-clip into a big U. Notice how there's a single green line in your cable? Stick one end of the paper clip there to any other line and have your case fan hooked up. Plug the PSU in, if it spin, it's all good. If not, you've verified your PSU has died.

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