Question pc is not sending signal to monitor or keyboard

Jun 24, 2020
Me and my buddy have built a new pc. We put all the wires together and we plugged into a monitor. The monitor just had a black screen. We tried messing around with it and decided it was the motherboard that was the problem. The cpu is right out of the box, the power supply is a year or so, the graphics card is older, but has worked and the motherboard was bought from a friend. The motherboard was said to need a bios update on pc part picker, but it was already used so we thought it would already have one. We then reset the motherboard by taking out the battery and then when that didn’t work we put used a paper clip to reset it. I’m thinking about just buying a new motherboard.
Motherboard: msi B350M gaming pro
CPU: amd Ryzen 5 3600X
Graphics card: 1060 6gb Evga
Power supply: Corsair 550 watt CX550M bronze certified
Hard drive: Toshiba 1tb
Monitor: Asus 60hz